When you need an abstract mosaic for your blog…

How to easily create abstract mosaics from photographs

Mosaic 1

Just direct your browser to BobSprite and press the red button to open the editor.

Mosaic 2

Then press CTRL L to load a photograph or any other image.

Mosaic 3

Everything happens inside your computer. No image goes to the server.

Mosaic 4

Select option “mosaic” in the monitor box.

Mosaic 5

Use arrow keys to move the loaded image, creating new mosaics.

Mosaic 6

Right-click the mosaic to save it.

Mosaic 7

This produces a 300x300 pixels mosaic. If you want a big one, load the produced mosaic and then click the “tile set” icon (the one that looks like a chess board).

Mosaic 7 — big

Here is the tutorial video.

Have fun!